Initially we found Peter on Gumtree, he is 6 years old and had a head tilt due to a mite infection in his ear. I felt sorry for him and asked the Runaway Rabbit Orphanage in Olinda what to do about this rabbit. They told me to get him out of that house asap and bring him up to them and they would treat him. After 1 1/2 months Peter was ready to come home. My husband was not happy about Peter as he believed Peter would be a vet's best friend (vet expenses) due to his condition. Runaway rabbit Orhpanage took Peter under their VIB program and I foster him permanently.

My husband now loves Peter and thinks he is the best bunny in the world, everyone welcomes Peter and he is the friendliest bunny that is just like a puppy dog. He now spends his days out in the sun or chilling on the lounge with us.

I am so greatful to the RRO for taking on Peter and nursing him back to health at their expense even though they struggle financially taking on abandoned and neglected bunnies.

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