I found 'Sally' (now Pepper) online through Vic Dog Rescue – she had this look in her eyes that made me keep coming back. She was extremely timid and wouldn't look anyone in the eye. She crawled to you when called – she wanted to be patted but was scared of being hurt. From the hour drive home, the changes in Pepper were incredible. She went from sitting as far away from me as possible to my lap – and she has never left it. (Even though she weighs 35kilos)! Pep has gone from a girl scared of the world to one full of love and joy – she is confident and cheeky and is not only my best friend, but also now my daughter's who assures me she is her dog, not mine anymore! Her tail no longer hides , hanging low but is constantly wagging and she is always smiling and happy to see her family! She loves adventures and comes everywhere with us. In truth, she has rescued me many times in life since that one time I rescued her! Oh, and she looks me in the eyes all the time now 🙂

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