Hi Guys
Pepper joined our family as a timmed broken little girl thankfully rescued by “SUR”. The guys in the organisation had a idea what I need of a new dog not to be just a pet but to become a Certified Service Dog!

When they found “Pepper” they call and told me that she may be worth me taking a look at and they where not wrong as within minutes she became comfortable with me, she was injured from her previous life and required few visits to the Dr for medically!

After she was fit for trading we spent three months just in rehabilitation and public outings to help her gaining trust in people again!

And then we ( me and Cainine Helpers) trained her to become a service dog to support me with Major Depression from my long ADF service, and the new life changing onset of “MS” with the Effects it has on my physical abilities.

Now that she is qualified she never has to leave my side wether I am on public transport or in hospital with my MS she has been by my side. Latest adventure was her plain ride to Sydney to see mySon.

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