When Pepper was surrendered to a country pound, she was terrified of the entire world. She’d spent her whole life in a backyard. When an unfamiliar male staff member took her to the vet in the back of a van, she reacted with fear aggression when he tried to get her out of the cage. Management decided she should be euthanised.

Desperate to save her, other pound staff contacted Forever Friends Animal Rescue (FFAR), which immediately sprang into action to advocate for Pepper. After meetings with management, Pepper was released to the care of FFAR and came to me. I had just signed up to be a foster carer. My life had recently turned upside-down: I’d ended a long-term relationship and left my job.

However, the day I picked Pepper up, my life changed for the better! She was the reason I got out of bed some mornings.

While she cowered at cars going past, hated loud noises and the ceiling fan sent her running, with patience and lots of love, Pepper learned to trust again.

A retired couple adopted her, who now shower her with the love she deserves.

Pepper saved me, just as much as FFAR saved her.

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