My elderly parents were married for 60 years. They have lived with us for many years and Dad was terminally ill. Knowing that Dad would soon be leaving us for good, we decided to take in a rescue cat, hoping that Mum would bond with her and have a companion. When we brought Pepper home she worked out right away that she had a mission. Dad needed comfort and Mum needed companionship. While Dad was lying in bed with pain, she instinctively knew that she needed to lie pressed against his back, as this was warm and soothing. At other times she settled on Mum’s lap demanding cuddles and tickles, which distracted and comforted Mum too. When Dad passed away Mum became Pepper’s priority. She has not missed a night snuggled up on the bed so she’s not alone. She follows Mum around like a puppy, somehow knowing when to be on her lap in the sad times and when to give her space. Mum always says how much she loves her little Pepper, and this time of adjustment would have been so much harder without her. Every day we are grateful that she’s now part of our family.

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