I was never a "dog" person, in fact I took out my dislike for dogs on a King Charles Spaniel, we were forced to accommodate and look after little "Beau" a lap dog for 12 months. The crunch came when I saw Beau out in the garden doing his stuff one day, he then proceeded to come inside and make himself right at home on my favourite couch.
Then one sunny weekend my daughter Ella, persuaded me that we needed a dog, being on a 6 acre property at Arcadia, at the time did not seem such a bad idea. Ella had the choice between a puppy and a 2 year old Kelpie, both rescue dogs, bit of advice from Dad, "Ella think about it over night", she did, we took delivery of the 2 year Kelpie.
Well my life changed instantly, Pepper has me wrapped around her finger, she is a great companion a loyal and devoted friend, I cannot live without her. Pepper is now 12 when I write this, I know one day she will leave me, and I will be devastated. Guess what I am now an animal lover, I can thank Pepper for that.

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