I suffer from PTSD after a traumatic incident a few yes back in Nigeria. I went through treatment to learn how to manage it. I have come across 2 rescue dogs who had it. They had the fear, the physical symptoms and reactions, the clear systems of abuse. I have worked with pepper and have learned to treat her like a victim of ptsd. I dont shout or talk with anger, pepper clearly reacts to anything stressful, l simply look at what works for me and modify it to suit. At first she showed fear with any touch. The idea of playing ball was a hard one, she needs trust at every step, she needs reassurance constantly that she is doing good, and needs room to slowly find her feet. Pepper has taught me all about trust and patience. Just because you say, doesnt make it so….it. has to be put into consistent thoughtful action, with all the emotional support that binds it. Trust is a serious issue with all victims, Pepper has tuhht me the importance of patience and expectation

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