As a dog that barely challenges a couple bags of flour in a weight division, Pepe was found living in one tiny cage along with his brothers. He now has a new strut in his tiny steps living with my wife and I. I’ve gone from telling my wife she is on a budget to being put on one myself. I cant help but spoil him and in turn he spoils us with love back. His personality has really come through over the last 3 months. My wife surprised me with this ragged little tot and now we cant imagine a life where we don’t say, “Pepe is coming with us” for any occasion we can. He has these gorgeous old man eyebrows which he is learning to use to charm his way to getting away with most things. You would never know what a shocking situation he has come from. Most humans could learn a thing from this little soul on how to put a bad situation behind you and soak up the happiness in a second chance. He acts so grateful and is always wagging his tail. Pepe can warm the coldest of hearts.

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