When we adopted Penny, she didn’t know how to be a dog. Although we don’t know her history, it was clear she was abused. She didn’t know how to play, she wasn’t toilet trained, if we went to pat her she’d roll on her back and pee herself because she was so scared. If we offered her food, she would eat it in a flash then pee herself, then try and steal our other dogs food because she didn’t know where her next meal was coming from. I’ll admit, those first 3 days with Penny were really hard, so hard that we thought we might have to give her back. After a lot of crying, and a lot of hard work, Penny is a completely changed dog. She loves to go for walks, she wags her tail so hard when she sees you it almost breaks, she doesn’t pee herself anymore, and her favourite thing to do is cuddle up to us on the couch and go to sleep. She doesn’t have to be afraid anymore, with us she gets to be a dog, a very spoilt dog I should mention, and that makes it all worth it.

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