It was mostly a chance meeting, I planned to go the the Cat protection open day but I hadn’t planned falling in love. I walked around but kept coming back to a shy little ginger cat, sitting in his hammock and purring when I touched him. The first 2 weeks were spent hiding in the bathroom, unsure of these new people or of this new place, slowly but surely things turned around. The moment we knew that we knew he’d started to settle was when he came out on his own to meow at us on the couch. Since then it’s honestly been the best decision we’ve made, for our relationship and our mental health really. He loves without question, he judges us regularly (as he should) and the cure-all purring warms my heart. It’s hard to put in to words how much happier and positive I have become now that I have this furry little bean in my life, he comforts me when i’ve had a bad day, knowing exactly when i’m In most need of the love. Now I completely understand the words of Charles Dickens “what greater gift than the love of a cat?”

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