I foster about 3-4 litters of kittens every year mostly for rescue groups but occasionally kittens need a little help from someone who will love the stuffing out of them. My most recently fosters, were Payton and Pearl. My little grey ghosts. They were only 2 weeks old and another carer was struggling to get them to feed. They needed some special attention. When I rear foster kittens, they become one of the family which includes my Australian Shepherd, Ripley, and my annoyed adult cats, Dorian, Phoebe and Phyllis. Even though many of my little furry charges have had a rough start in life, they leave my home confident well socialised and mannered kittens. Seeing them grow from sightless jelly beans to supercharged purr machines gives me such joy and a sense of pride. And I just love receiving pictures and updates from friends, colleagues and strangers that have adopted one of my foster charges. Warms my heart to know that I made a difference for each kitten I foster. I am will continue to foster until I am not able or committed for being a crazy kitten lady.

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