Having looked-up nearby adoption centres online looking for a mature age rabbit to take in, we turned to less likely source-Gumtree and found Pancakes.

Pancakes owner, who worked in a vet, rescued her at the age of two from eutheanesia when teenage girls no longer wanted her.

After a year she felt she could not give PK the time and attention she needed, and hesitantly posted her on Gumtree for free. After turning down a few expressions of interest from others, she accepted us.

And we couldn't be happier! PK has courageously moved with us from NSW to Tasmania and undergone surgery for desexing.

We affectionately call her our ESA(emotional support animal) as she always lightens our day with her antics. She knows how to hop onto the dining-table, beg for food, and even enjoys(but doesn't drink)the warm steam that comes off my coffee cup on cold mornings!

In the year since we have had Pancakes, she couldn't have delighted (and occasionally frustrated) us more! She is cheeky, determined, intelligent, relaxed, affectionate, mischievous and brave.

We would recommend to anyone looking for a fur friend to consider adopting a mature-age pet. They have so much love to give!

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