Flown from Sydney to Melbourne as NSW shelters were full, Paddy arrived NYE 2019. Anxious & loaded on new meds & treatments, he had annorexia, diarrhoea & an infected ear glued shut. Somehow he was alert & allowed me to administer all required treatments. I'd blindly 'chosen' a really sweet fella.
Enter covid, lockdown & my unemployment plunging us into an intense personality un-pack in my eensy unit! This quirky, entertaining character emerged to narrate our days in a series of "Paddy-chats". September landed me in hospital 2 weeks with MS brain lesions. Our 1st time apart. I came home to a mindful boy, gentle with a new spatial awareness clearly acknowledging my learning to walk again. Instead of bouncing & barking at the door for his walk every morning he lay on my feet, waiting for mates to arrive & take him.
By Christmas I could walk him again & he was so attuned to 'us'. Nothing distracted him. He's 13 & we wobble along together appreciative of simple mobility & each other, I marvel we've been together only 18 months. No-one has made me laugh more, & no-one has delighted so much in doing so! Love my boy…

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