Oscar joined our family last year after being given up by his original family and his first adopted family as well. Oscar struggled with anxiety, as his original family never took him out for walks or socialised him with other animals. When I first visited Oscar at the shelter, he was being kept separately due to his anxiety. Just walking out to meet me, he was furiously barking at the other dogs in the shelter and his whole body was shaking. The minute he climbed in my car to come to his forever home, he lay down peacefully. Since then we've learned Oscar loves to walk and begs to go out whenever possible. He's still learning to ignore other dogs, but with positive reinforcement, he has become much more tolerant of strangers, cars and other animals. His favourite place to walk is the creek near our house and he loves to jump in the water to play. Oscar has brought joy to our household. We love nothing more than scratching his tummy as we cuddle on the couch and watching him squeak his favourite toys with his nose. We can't wait to spend our lives together watching him grow old.

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