My daughter and I started fostering in 2017 and fell on our feet hand rearing bottle fed babies that came into the rescue. During our first kitten season we had a litter of three kittens about a week old. We named them Max, Tabby and Callie. Little did we know how much we'd struggle to keep these kittens alive.

A week passed and they had all been doing really well. However, Max suddenly went downhill and, despite our efforts, we lost him. Not long after we also lost little Tabby. We were devastated as we'd never lost any kittens before so when Callie started to refuse the bottle, we got scared.

My daughter got up every 2 hours at night and syringed her 3mLs of formula, water, or anything she could get into her. It was a long and tiring process that went lasted days. I will never forget that fateful day at 4am in the morning when Callie finally latched onto the bottle and suckled. We had brought her back from the edge!

Callie grew up to be a happy, healthy kitten and has since found her forever home. She will always hold a special place in our hearts!

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