Orla came to me as part of a litter of six, she was the hissy spitty runt of the litter. Her siblings were beautiful friendly guys who quickly were adopted, OrLa needed more work. She would sit on the couch but not near me and run away when approached. Visitors freaked her out to hide behind the couch, where she spent a lot of time when family visited, they teased that there was no cat called Orla. Time went by and nobody wanted a cat you couldn’t see so she became a fixture in my house behind the couch except at food time. Covid happened and Orla fell in love with my boy cat Oskar. She realised the front room got nice sun in the afternoon and Oskar liked lap time. Slowly slowly she got brave and jumped on my lap and over time I could pat her. She is now my friend but no one else, she is beautiful and soft to pet…..but I still can’t pick her up. In reality if she was surrendered with her siblings to a pound Orla wouldn’t be around to enjoy the Sunny naps in lounge room.

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