After 14 yrs our beloved Madison a Labrador/Cocker Spaniel crossed over the rainbow bridge.

After two week's without her my husband and I decided to adopt a rescue dog as our house was empty and sad. So by week three we started searching for our fur baby. We looked around the refuge not seeing our beautiful Orana as she was too scared to come out of her crate where she had been for 4 days after being sent there from the pound. She had been there just 1 week when we saw her. We met her at the home of one of the members of staff as she had taken her home to try to gain her trust as she was so very scared and timid. Once meeting Orana we were smitten she needed a loving safe home. Five days later she is now a happy loving dog who already sits and gives us her paw and showers us with kisses and cuddles. Our house is now warm and fuzzy again. We love her to bits.

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