Choosing a furbaby to join your family is hard, especially when there are so many that are desperate for a loving home. When I held the little black kitten with white specks through her fur at Animal Aid, she melted into my arms.

When we arrived home she was frightened, curious and everything in between. Immediately the bond between us was clear, and although she is still cautious of strangers at the age of one and a half, the connection we have is like no other. She follows me around the house, cuddles me all night, and comes when she is called (with a sweet pigeon noise and quick prance). I let her know when a visitor is coming so she can hide, and if I need to move her she knows she's safe if I carry her past them with a blanket over her head (no other way works)!

We joke that she loves and trusts me so much that there isn't room for anyone else! She is the sweetest creature that makes every day brighter and snugglier, and is loved by every other animal that meets her.

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