When I first adopted Ollie it was beyond evident that he had never even been in a car. He was four and a half years of age and it is hard to believe that he is now ten years of age and still looks like a puppy. Walks and treats are his absolute favourite and he will not go anywhere without his bestie (his favourite dog toy).
It fills my heart to know that I have saved a life as Ollie is spoilt beyond comprehension. By adopting Ollie it supports the bigger cause and it has improved my general wellbeing as well.
Ollie continues to shine from strength to strength and he is very popular in my neighbourhood as I take him for two walks daily. It breaks my heart to think that Ollie ended up back at the AWL twice. Since adopting Ollie I could never imagine life without him.
He is cheeky, rambunctious, rules the roost and calls the shots however I would not have him any other way.
I am a big advocate in the prevention of animal cruelty. By giving Ollie a second chance it truly has enriched mine.

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