Oliver is not the only rescue, I was given my boy from our vet, he had been abused at a work site. Skinny , hair missing and beyond scared. My darling boy jumped at his own shadow. He has filled my world with love, love and more love. He has made my world complete. He makes me laugh when he plays, he comes to comfort me when I'm sad and even tucks me in every night when I go bed, he has been nothing but a wonderful cat now 13y wow. So then came Maddinson scotch fold saved from being put in a cage and breed from the pet shop we fleed, then pipion dog all once abused and now rescued and safe and loved. They of have just added nothing but happiness, love. They have kept me upright and here, even when I want to quit. They are my world, my everything, my children , without them I'd rather be dead.

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