Odin and his sister came to me as fosters. They were dumped with their mum at a few days old and only knew life in the pound when I got them at 4 months. Odin was extremely timid and scared of everything. He didn't know how to use stairs, didn't know what a treat was and had never seen grass. He ran away when you raised your voice or made a loud sound. Now with a lot of patience he has become a an absolute darling. Despite his large size, (bull Arab x Great Dane) because he lives with 2 chihuahuas, im sure he thinks he's their size. The most amazing thing is the change in my 12 yr old daughter, who has ADHD and severe vision impairment (also She previously did not like dogs of any size/ breed.) Likes him and it filled my heart when she actually took his lead and walked him for the first time! I didn't want another permanent dog but now I can't imagine our family without him.

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