Obsidian's sudden and unexpected arrival began with a desperate phone call. This cat had been rescued following a horrendous act of animal abuse which necessitated the amputation of his front right leg. At short notice, I agreed to foster him. Despite his suffering, Obsidian was never oppositional but gentle, sweet and graciously accepting of help. With careful nurturing, he grew in stature and in confidence, adapting to life on three legs without hesitation. As he grew stronger, so did our bond. I adopted him formally. My home became his.

Though I’m inspired by Obsie’s remarkable resilience, having survived abandonment, abuse, rehoming and major surgeries; he is a cat who refuses to be defined by disability or disadvantage. I couldn’t look at Obsie with eyes of pity, for he asks only for love. There is infinite wisdom in his lack of self-judgment. Obsie encourages me to be more cat-like myself – to rest, stretch and bask in sunny spots rather than hide in dark corners. With the fitting namesake of a protective gemstone, Obsidian strives to protect me from negativity with his calming presence. He remains my teacher, companion and a reminder of the unwavering power of self-acceptance and unconditional love.

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