Norman was at the shelter for 2 months before l adopted him. There was no history and his owner didn’t come to pick him up when the service called and extended their pick-up time frame. I live alone in a one bedroom apartment and have a love for animals and with many months of mentally and physically preparation I’ve decided to give a cat a place to stay and live free with me. I adore cats and all furry animals. I decided to have a pet when l could save a bit of money, and when l did l knew it was okay to adopt. I will continue to save money to support and care for Norman and give him the best years of his life. When l went into the centre to adopt l already had Norman in mind because l spent weeks looking for the right fit for me, when l came and greeted Norman l just knew my home was his home. To make sure him and l matched, l spent a good half hour patting him and talking to him, Norman seemed to be alright with my company. So I took him home.

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