Noodles was adopted from Greyhound Rescue NSW. Noodles was an ex racer and lived a life in a kennel he really has come out of his shell since being adopted. He is beautifully bossy; he talks to us to “remind us” that we haven’t fed him quick enough or haven’t walked him early enough. He is fun and now loves to play.
Noodles came into my partner and my home at a particularly hard time in our lives.
My partner Bart had recently lost a business and his job during COVID. I am an emergency nurse, I was nervous about my future and what my work life was about to become.Bart’s mental health was struggling and I couldn’t give him the time I wanted to. Noodles saved us.
Noodles gave Bart something else to focus on. Making sure Noodles felt part of our family and ensuring he felt loved was the most important job that he could do. It was the perfect distraction.
We owe so much to this beautiful dog. We will never be able to repay him, but we hope that by giving him the best life he could have is surely as close as it can get.

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