I wanted to adopt a cat for as long as I remember. My husband and I went to Cat Protection Society and were paired up with a curious, confident kitty that came up to us and started playing with us straightaway. I wasn't sure at first but at the thought of leaving without him I really teared up. That's when I knew that Noodle was for us.
Being a curious one, he started exploring his new home from the moment we passed the threshold. Initially, he was a little clingy and followed us everywhere and for the first week he slept with us and didn't want to be left alone. As he grew more confident, he reclaimed his independence and started sleeping in his cat cave or on the sofa. We actually tuck him in every night. He's become more affectionate and is slowly becoming a lap cat. He initially didn't like to be picked up but now loves it and starts purring immediately. We absolutely love him! He brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. He's our little companion and we can't imagine our life without Noodle

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