I adopted Nicki from the fantastic people at SAFE Karratha after she was apparently found roaming around covered in ticks and flees.

When I first got her, she was extremely timid and wary of everyone, but overtime she has grown to become a real character. I am fortunate enough to be able to take her to work with me at my factory, and she has grown in the hearts of not just myself, but my staff and most of my customers and delivery drivers to the point many seek her welcoming greeting before they want to talk to me, and if she isn’t there or doesn’t come right away, they always ask ‘where’s Nicki?’.

She is the best friend I could under ever have hoped of adopting and has certainly added more to my life than I have to her in ‘rescuing’ her.

She is that exact amount of crazy, silly, playfulness, loyalty and love that I need to make me (and nearly everyone else) smile every day and make life so much more wonderful.

Everyone loves ‘their’ Nicki and I certainly love mine!

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