We went looking for one year old Nero when our older rescue German Shepherd, Toki, needed a friend. Nero was the most handsome devil we had ever seen and delighted us with his playfulness from the moment we met him. Toki is by no means a spring chicken, and Nero managed to get him to play within minutes (and after Toki had told him who was boss). Nero is the most endearing, vivacious and mischievous fluff nugget to grace our lives. He can bound sideways like a cat, and his tail is always flapping happily in the air. He is so friendly that we joke often that he will leave us for his 'new owners' (ie. a random person he just met at the dog park!) Nero loves a good spoon on the bed and he has quadrupled the love in our home. He and Toki are like long lost brothers, and often embark on new adventures together. He's noisy, he's full of beans and he's learnt how to open the pantry (uhoh) – he is the best addition to our family we could have asked for.

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