We rescued Nellie from San Jose Animal Services the day before she was scheduled to be euthanized. This eight year old girl was found as a stray, limping from an apparently old injury that never healed properly. She was thought to have been hit by a car. She was overweight, old, with a bad leg, and the shelter was at 200% capacity. So she never even made it onto any adoption websites. We manage the Tripawds pet amputation support community and had been looking for a new spokesdog to welcome into our pack, and our hearts. Nellie's case tugged on our heartstrings, because we knew she could live a happy life with the right care. We've now officially adopted her, and have already had her evaluated by a certified canine rehab therapist. We have consulted with orthopedic experts at the University of California, Davis. We've already helped her lose a few pounds, and are performing daily rehab exercises to determine if her tendon contracture is repairable. We will soon have her fitted for a custom orthotic device to help her get around better without her foot buckling under. Meanwhile she enjoys longer walks in her stroller.

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