I don't know how we got so lucky but we adopted the BEST dog in the world. We are Nellie's third home and when she came to us she was incredibly loving but wild and boisterous and didn't know how to play with other dogs except to bulldoze them. We've given Nellie a lot of structure with a morning training walk and afternoon playtime at the dog park. She's so smart and has flown through her obedience classes and last weekend she graduated into the 'advanced' class. She came to us with a fear of unknown men and has transitioned through that via consistent exposure and reassurance. She will now approach unknown people in the park and enjoys their attention. She also had IBS brought on through anxiety. We've worked hard on her confidence and her diet and her IBS incidents have reduced significantly. Nellie is a love bug and ridiculously weird. She fits in our home perfectly. There aren't enough words to explain how phenomenal she is and we all love spending as much time with her as possible. And because of her, we have made some really lovely friendships with dog owners at our park.

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