I adopted Petal in 2018 at the time she was estimated her to be 8 years old, I lovingly call her Nanna Petal and she’s been my world ever since I met her. She’s so loving (on her terms only) and just so very sweet at absolutely all times, but very much not into cuddles. It took her a few months to really come out of her shell, she loves being a solitary kitty, as she gets the most attention from her humans this way – although one day I’d love to adopt a second.
Nanna’s favourite things to do are to sing about how hungry she is all the time, nap and bask in the sun, which is only allowed under supervision of course!
We’ve had a few health scares, and some potential kidney issues as she ages but we’re managing that with the vet. All in all she’s a happy, healthy elderly puss cat!

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