I fostered Nancy as a short term foster, only until she could be vaccinated and desexed to be adopted out. Luckily I work for the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and had her at work with me on Christmas day when she developed a uterine infection and needed emergency surgery. As I walked out of the surgical theatre in tears, although I knew she was in the best care, I realised I could not part with her and knew I would be adopting her. I knew she had some health issues and wanted to make sure she got the very best of care for the rest if her life. She fit perfectly into our household and has such an amazing little personality, I don't even remember how I lived without her. She brought lots of joy to the nursing home residents when we visited my grandparents as she loves a cuddle and a butt-scratch. She loves long hikes but her little body tires easily at times so she joins us with the backup of her doggy pram that she hops into when she gets too tired to keep walking. She's the centre of my universe.

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