A frightened traumatized 10-month-old cat surrendered to the Maryborough Animal Refuge found her way to our heart when we were volunteering at the Refuge. Desperate to escape the cage her plea for help tore our hearts. Adopting her, we named her My Girl and on arriving at her new home, all hell broke loose! Her wild antics were to climb curtains, harass our other cat, and she was so afraid of people, noises, she hid under beds. She was impossible to pick up and had no tendency to seek affection or attention.
10 years later our family is proud that her distant memories of early life have faded. Perseverance, reassurance, regular brushes and constant chit-chat have enabled her to have security.
Regular endearing looks from her green eyes reveals to us how much she cherishes our love. My Girl will follow like a dog, loves walks on a lead and when lights go out knows it is time for bed and sleeps contented. A special surprise this winter has been her heated igloo.
Now that is a bliss of a life far distant from a home that did not want her. We are so privileged to give her our love!

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