Found in a plastic bag, this shy and timid girl has transformed into a sassy, confident and loving young lady. She has an innate and authentic receptor to those in need of love – not only attending the children’s hospice and lying on the beds or wheelchairs of the children but having a need to also visit any wheelchair or older person in the street for a kiss and a pat with such patience. Mwokozi (meaning saved in Swahili) has also saves her Mum’s life through a mental health struggle by placing herself as a weighted lap blanket without request or direction and also nudging, licking and lying next to her Mum after a seizure again without training or request. When she’s not loving up she’s grown the confidence and over come her fear of the ocean and rock scrambling as she zooms around joining Mum on outdoor adventures. Mwokozi may have been rescued or saved from the pound – but she is the true hero and saver to so many in this story.

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