My heart was broken on May 4, 2022 when my previous rescue, an elderly lady named Josie- passed away in my arms. Months previously I had registered my interest in adopting a greyhound to add to our zoo – however I had put that to the back of my mind. A call a month after she passed led us to Murphy, an ex-racing greyhound that I truly believe Josie sent to us. He's loving, derpy and the best boi ever! He came to us having only ever lived in kennels and not experienced life with a family, and has adjusted to a home with 2 cats, a kid and noise and people and so much love; and we can't imagine life without him. He sleeps on the beds, or the couches, or wherever he wants, has a wardrobe of pjs to keep him warm, and his favourite toys Pandy, Llamy and MooCow! Even Nan and Pop come just to visit him and bring him treats! We can’t imagine our lives without Derpy Murphy 😍

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