My story of pet adoption varies slightly from the expected. I rescued my cat Mummy Puss directly off the streets and slowly over time caught her kittens from previous litters and took them to the animal welfare league. I knew she would not be considered rehomable so I decided to keep her and had her vaccinated, desexed and micro chipped. I also looked after her 6 newborn kittens, rehoming 4 via the RSPCA and keeping her two sons. Mummy puss is now a fat clean cat and spends her days sleeping on our bed and sunbathing with her sons in their two outdoor enclosures. Her two boys provide us with a lot of entertainment and especially love as one of them – Mr Pink Nose is incredibly affectionate. We are one big happy family despite how hectic it can be and I enjoy knowing Mummy puss will live out her days safe warm and with a full belly. She is very much loved and so are her kittens. My little cat family mean so much to me.

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