My Nana half Irish/Italian beautiful lady with dementia, left food outside for a starving, terrified kitten in her yard. It took a month of coaxing but with my help we finally caught her and took her to the vet. She was very young, terrified and pregnant. My Nanna cared for her and kept two kittens for her and two went to neighbours. The joy they had together was immense and visible. She changed my Nannas final years for the better. Nanna and I were extremely close and I was eventually the only person she would see. Yet Mummy cat would bolt if anyone else came near. I helped my Nanna get them desexed through Hunter Animal Rescue and when my Nanna passed I adopted her. I already had two rescue dogs and two rescue cats so it’s a full house of 5. I got mummy checked and proper food and medications as she got older.Mummy is now just shy of 20 and the love of my life. She’s finally happy, healthy, loves being part of a pack and is never scared. She lives a life of luxury and has saved me mentally too. I think Nanna would approve.

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