Initially a foster, Mumma Lucky was found on the roadside – blind in one eye, and terrified. A community member transported her to the Rescue for care and safety. Within a week of arriving, she let us know she was pregnant and within days she was raising a litter. She came into my care in such a state I could not touch her without a towel and gloves. When her litter weaned and found forever homes we worked hard on trust so she didn't live in near permanent fear. Mumma Lucky's life until then was filled with fear and uncertainty so her faith in humans was none. By the time her foster period was to end I knew, and so did she, that she was already home. Mumma Lucky lived our her life with me as an adopted pet. I was the only human she trusted after a life of uncertainty and fear and she would regularly fall asleep in the crook of my neck for hours on end. I went through challenges and she was there with a snuggle. She went through troubles and I was there for her with the same patient commitment she always had for me.

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