Mr William Skittles from Greyhound Rescue was my first foster and an absolute dream. Toilet trained, cuddle buddy, and the most clutsy gentle giant.

Unfortunately his health wasn't as amazing. He went to the vet 3 times within his first 3 weeks with me. The first time was for some dental extractions. Another was for happy tail and a minor eye infection. However about 3 days after his teeth had been all cleared he started whinning, rubbing at his mouth and began turning his nose up at food (chime alarm bells). As I rushed him to the vet I thought here we go, I'd allowed him to get a massive infection. When we got there my worst fears were confirmed when the vet said she could see what looked like a pussy lump high on his gums. My heart sank as she gently lifted his gum to show me but weirdly the mass had shifted over. Gently she wiped at it and it came straight off!
Turns out that "lump" had been some leftover breakfast.
He's since gone to his forever home and to my knowledge hasn't needed the vet since – for illnesses real or imagined.
Lucky he's cute!

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