Goo was advertised locally on Facebook 4 yrs ago, he is a Staffy & I had always wanted one.
My daughter came with me as my “voice of reason” as she didn’t agree with me getting him.
We went & met him, he came out of the yard, tail waging & rolled over for his tummy rub, how could I say no!!
My daughter said to me well that’s good because if I didn’t take him, she was 🙄😁
He is the most wonderful dog, he is my boy, he is my shadow but always smiling, he sleeps on my bed at night & he has to be touching somewhere, he has his special place on the lounge, with his own pillow & he will sit & give you a filthy doggy look until you move so he can jump up!! 😁
He makes my heart happy & I’m sure his life is much happier as well, he loves my daughters & my 3yr old Grandson who cuddles him & plays ball together.
I know Staffy’s can have a bad name but my boy would love you to stop to throw a ball or give him a pat 🐶❤️

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