It was Christmas & my dog died on my son's birthday, 2 days later someone broke into my home while I was home alone with 2 children. I decided I needed a big dog to protect us. I googled pet rescue companies and found Mr Jingles (formerly Sammo) he was 1 of 13 pups born to a abandoned pregnant Bull Arab. He was beautiful and bonded quickly with my ex husband. When we separated he refused to take him. Mr Jingles and I struggled with our bond. When brushing my daughter's hair he would stand in front of me and bark. 2 years after I left my ex I took the kids and Mr Jingles camping. Something changed that weekend between Mr Jingles and I, we bonded for the first time and he began to trust me and I him. He is a very loyal, protective lovable boy who is a little dog trapped in a big dogs body. If he could be he would be a lap dog. Mr Jingles has learnt to talk and can say Hello, I Love You! He also has the biggest Smile. Not the best photo attached best I had at work

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