Mr Ben has not stopped smiling since we adopted him 10 weeks ago. He even smiles when he sleeps!
When we first bought him home, he was scared of other dogs, he would hide between my legs, but now he chases the big dogs at the dog park! He is the most out-going boy ever. When he looks at you, it's like putting your heart in the microwave – it instantly melts.

We never ever imagined having a corgi, I wanted a Vizsla. A dog i could run with for hours a day, a big dog…. but instead we got this little fur ball that sheds more than anything ever has and we couldn't be happier. he lived a hard life from what we know for the first 5 years, but he shows no signs of it, he tackles each day with a smile from ear to ear and he is legitmately the best dog in the world.

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