When we first read the description for Morse that was written by his foster home, we knew he was the right member to include in our family. At the time, he was just 4 months old, and our toddler had just turned 2. He was described as a quiet, gentle, and sociable Boy. The perfect match for our (human) boy. From the moment he came into our home, he immediately became a part of the family. He's 100% trustworthy with our 2 boys, the youngest 9 months old, and the oldest 4. He can be anywhere in the world off-lead, and he'd never leave our side, or not come when called. Morse doesn't bark, dig, bite, chew furniture, or escape. He's the ideal dog, and extremely handsome I might add! During his vaccinations, I had the vets take a blood sample to send for DNA testing. Turns out he's made of 6 breeds! Mastiff, boxer, rottweiler, red cattle dog, American staffy, and bull terrior. I love that he is constantly breaking perceptions of what people consider "dangerous dog breeds". Bless all the rescue organisations out there, allowing dogs like this a second chance, and enriching the lives they enter

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