rescued my little baby Monty at 1 year old, we have now had him for 7 months and he has come in leaps and bounds. When he was adopted he only knew ‘sit’ now he knows an abundance of tricks like touch, finish, shake and his fan favourite “middle” where he lays between my legs. He is still a little afraid of men but we have a wonderful neighbour who’s is building his confidence daily! His most favourite place in the world is doggy daycare, he just loves playing with his doggy friends and beats me to the door every time. I couldn’t imagine my life without little Monty now. The amount of love you receive from a rescue dog is unmatched and sometimes I ask myself “who rescued who?”. He’s a very special, cheeky and mischievous little man and I wouldn’t have him any other way. A big thank you to AWL for giving this little boy another chance at life in his now forever home ❤️

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