Our cat Momo is our pet child. She was rescued by the WLPA from a park in Sydney, malnourished and flea-ridden. When we first adopted her, she was terrified and for a week refused to move from her hiding spot underneath our clothes drying rack. She started to become more and more curious until one day she came out from hiding and sat with us, purring and receiving pats. Since then she has become the centre of our world and lights up our lives. She had a tough time though – turns out she had stomatitis, so she had to have all her teeth taken out by a specialist. She could barely eat beforehand, but after she had her teeth out she went from being underweight to healthy and a normal weight. She’s our toothless tiger! Momo has this amazing ability to know when you need comfort, and will sit on my chest when I’m sad. When I get home, she’s like a dog and comes bounding towards me. She wakes me up each morning by giving me a bath and loves to snuggle under the covers. She is our joy.

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