Molly Rose, an adorable, attitude-plus Tibetan Spaniel, is a special rescue dog. She was adopted in March 2018, grumpy, in pain, misunderstood. Soon after, she had suspected stomach cancer. In April 2018, she had life-saving pyloroplasty procedure in the hope this could cure her. It did not work. In May she needed a stomach resection, a duodenostomy. I was warned she may die during the operation. She weighed 2.4kg; her normal weight was 5kg. Within 3 months of adopting her, I had spent more than $25,000 in vet bills, all on credit.
At no point did I consider surrendering her, even though I struggled financially and emotionally. I had recently lost my dogs – and this was why I adopted her and her bonded mate Harley, a Maltese Terrier (who also had significant health issues including inoperable bladder cancer. Sadly, he died October 2020).
Amazingly, Molly Rose survived much due to the extraordinary expertise of Southpaws, and also due to the abundance of love, health and medical management she receives. She remains on a special diet. She has experienced flares which means more vet visits and medication. But, now at 12, she is a sassy, cheeky, Tibbie who celebrates life.

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