We became fosters for the Smart Pups program in 2015 and many pups later, the program in our area, ended. When Covid hit in 2020 and we were all at home, we decided it was a good opportunity to get our own dog. Exercising outdoors was allowed and having a furry companion was ideal. Molly, a labrador retriever had been rehomed three times. Her beautiful face drew numerous applications. We made the short list, drove two hours to meet her and as her foster carers said "she decided we were her people." Molly truly is a dream come true, a sweet, loving soul. She is smart – she understands so many words and astounds us daily with her comprehension. She is obedient and is rewarded with her favourite activity…free-ranging (off the lead) on our many walks, sometimes up to five kilometres. She waits to cross the road, "walks with me" a command where she stays at my side and "leaves it" as instructed. We play "find it" by hiding treats in the yard. We still work from home and she will lie quietly on her rug waiting for her walk.
We are forever thankful that she chose us.

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