I wasn’t planning on meeting Molly (prev Smudge) on the day I went out to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home but I feel in love with her straight away. She really just wanted someone to come over to her cage and give her affection. She was a lost dog, not microchipped and I had to wait 7 days for her original owners to claim her before I could apply. I checked the website every day to see if she had been reclaimed. I visited her twice. When I went back out I noticed she was very popular so I made a presentation (attached) on why I should be her owner. She now comes to work with me most days. She is my side kick. The rescue centre warned me that she was a bit frightened of other dogs however now she plays with the other dogs in the office and I am frequently told she is the only dog that other people’s dogs will play with. I love her to bits.

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