Molly, our 4 year old Maltese/Poodle cross was adopted from a wonderful Brisbane volunteer rescue group July 2020, it was love at first sight. Driving home she sat on my lap in the passenger seat as if she belonged there.
Her history indicated 2 previous owners, a name change and alone every day for up to 12 hours. She was in good health and loved processed cheese.
The first few months she would never let me out of her sight and still follows me wherever I go.
It took Molly a month before she would approach my partner. She has her cardboard Kennel home, and is at ease when left alone for a short time.
Molly goes everywhere with me including work where she plays with children. She enjoys bicycle rides and beach walks. Her favourite thing is watching animal programs on TV, she tries climbing up to the screen to meet other animals. She has learnt a few tricks, doesn’t understand ball games, and lacks social skills towards other dogs.
Molly is sweet, good company, loves morning cuddles in our bed, enjoys her food and makes me realize how lucky we are to have her in our lives.

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