Oh Molly! what can I say! She is 14 years old, going on 3. Her bright eyes never leave me. She has become my little shadow. She jumps around the back yard like a gazelle, prancing on the grass, and is obsessed with our bird of paradise plants. We adopted her 2 years ago, and initially she ate and slept and slept and ate. Once she knew she was safe and wasnt going to be moved again her personality started to shine through. She is very clever – can sit, lay down, roll over, stay, stop and shake hands. She has brought such joy to our lives, just by lying next to me on my chair – unfortunately I only get 20% of the chair now – it's hers. I'm not working at the moment and she has given me a reason to get up and get going every morning. When we walk, people stop and want to talk to her because she is so poised. She is a real lady, trotting aloing with her head held high, waiting for her public to come and admire her. She is our little superstar. We are truly blessed to have her.

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