I have three cats, who were discarded by owners Moet and Chandon were found in backyards in the Casula area. I adopted both these and they have given me much joy. It took a long time for Moet to be happy and comfortable, and trusting as when I brought him home he got out of the cage and hid under the fridge for a day. He was very scared. Chandon was a snuggly cat from day one. Moet once settled was a dribbler and loves head scratches. Gizmo my last baby was dumped at Hurstville Westfield and was rescued by a friend's daughter (same friend that got me M&C). Gizzy is a purring snuggler. These babies have made my house a home. My story is not much but these cats have given me much joy
I love coming home to these babies and sitting down when I am winding down, watching TV having one of them sit on my lap contented.

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